Criminal Case: FREE COINS

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✦ FREE COINS ✦ Saving up for Boosters or Avatar Items? Let us help you with these FREE 3,000 Coins!


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✦ ORANGE JUICE ✦ Thirsty? We’ve got just the thing! Take this FREE Orange Juice!

Free Gift for Fatser Users, some gifts of every kind for our farmers! We want to gift you with some Gifts, remembers that these links come from other Accounts and not are Zynga Rewards so only faster users can get them.In this case every gift you claim you get it 2x times! Click on the like below to obtain them! ^_^ Bonus | Bonus Enter your comments below

Criminal Case: FREE ENERGY

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✦ FREE ENERGY ✦ Try to beat your friends’ scores with these +5 FREE Energy Points!

✦ LUCKY CARD ✦ For everyone who is feeling lucky today, take this FREE Lucky Card!!

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