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Farmville 2: Holiday Festival!

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Every County Fair Point is worth a Holiday Point! Earn bonus points from Holiday crops, trees and animals! Get extra points when you Activate Snow! Are you ready {user}? For What? The Holiday Festival! The What? An exciting holiday event with great prizes! Prizes? Like this Reindeer, and a tree with real presents! Start earning Holiday Points to win those nifty rewards! Wow, you sure did a great job celebrating the holidays! This Holiday Tree drops a new present..

Howdy Farmers! The Stage 1 of the Fall Harvest Feast event has ended and congratulations to those who have participated and have won the rewards. Now, we are receiving a few reports that some of you are looking for the Angora Cat. To claim your revvard, you need to have the Cat Cabin for your Angora Cat to have a place to stay. If you don’t have the Cabin, you can easily have one for only 200 coins. Just..

FarmVille 2: Free 200 Points

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You will get a pop up telling you that your co-op has beat their goal and click to accept 200 favors. Then it will tell you that you reached a new town and they are updating our headquarters.. It will then grow ALL of your crops, harvest ALL your trees, allow you to feed ALL your animals, etc, etc, etc, just as it is when you LEVEL UP ! ! ! So now we know when we are very..

Farmville 2 has just released a little surprise to it’s players by giving away FREE 50000 coins. This will surely help a lot of players especially who has just been starting or currently at low level. Coins are used in Farmville 2 in purchasing seeds, upgrades etc. Click on for FREE 50.000 Coins To claim simply click the FREE Coins Image. After claiming please consider sharing this news with your friends.

Farmville 2 we are sharing today a mystery box item for farmville 2 fans there are many things in mystery box but you will get any one of them every time we will share it again after some days Click on the link for free gift -> Link 1 | Link 2

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