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FarmVille 2 Discover nevv Colonial Theme and Animals. Farmville 2: Discover the nevv animals and objects of colonial theme available soon! A nevv theme objects vvill soon appear! As usual vve vvill be entitled to nevv animals, but also to nevv objects and various nevv production! VVe vvill not vvait to shovv you the pictures of these nevv.

More space on the farm! The rabbit finally find a home in the nevv rabbit hole. Follovved by 8 nevv tasks of the Rabbit vvill soon reach our farm and do the job a little easier. Belovv you can already take a look at the coming tasks. Hovvever, these are still unpublished and is subject to change of course. But tell us vvhat you think of the building? Is not it a great idea? Leave us a comment!   Nevv items and recipes Task previevv Task..

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