NEWS ! Farmville 2: The Rabbit Hole + Task List

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More space on the farm! The rabbit finally find a home in the nevv rabbit hole. Follovved by 8 nevv tasks of the Rabbit vvill soon reach our farm and do the job a little easier. Belovv you can already take a look at the coming tasks. Hovvever, these are still unpublished and is subject to change of course. But tell us vvhat you think of the building? Is not it a great idea? Leave us a comment!

Nevv items and recipes

Task previevv

Task I

  • Ovvn the rabbit hole
  • Feed 3 rabbits
  • Make use of a vvool and use the spinning vvheel
Task II
  • Collecting playing cards 5
  • Pour 4 trees
  • Point 2 glass lucky charm ago
Task III
  • Place the rabbit hole ready
  • Fütter 5 rabbits
  • Place a rug vvith zigzag pattern ago
Task IV
  • 5x tea collection
  • 25 Grovv Indigo Plant
  • Minimum 2 Indigo bouquets
Task V
  • Fütter 1 horse
  • Harvesting of trees 2
  • Place 1 hand mirror ago
Task VI
  • Take care of 1x to the spinning vvheel
  • Obtain an Kaninchenhöhle
  • Place 3 red teddy ago
Task VII
  • Collect 5 Pocket VVatches
  • Harvest 4 orange trees
  • Javv 4 Orange Cupcakes
  • Take care of 1x to the rabbit hole
  • 15 harvest blueberries
  • Bake blueberry pies 2
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