Farmville 2 has just released a little surprise to it’s players by giving away FREE 1 Favor 10 Pack. This will surely help a lot of players especially who has just been starting or currently at low level. Favors are used in Farmville 2 in purchasing upgrades etc. Click on for Free 1 Favor 10 Pack To claim simply click the FREE Coins Image. After claiming please consider sharing this news with your friends.

Everybody loves dog in the house and in other places becouse dog is loving animal Today i am thinking many diffrent type of animals and pets collection arrived in the game.In these animals or pets includeing Cows,Horses, Buffalos,rabbit,Goat,Sheep, Hens,Pigs,Peacock and many more. But why farmville 2 developers not focus on the dog released. I think we all love dogs and with the help of each other we force zynga to make concept in the game to released dogs.. I..

✦ LUCKY CARD ✦ Here’s a free Lucky Card on us! Which one did you get?      

Criminal Case : LUCKY CARD

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✦ LUCKY CARD ✦ Here’s a free Lucky Card on us! Which one did you get?

FarmVille 2 Well is ready and you can collect 5 vvater from there to use it for crops and tree and complete your pending quests you are waiting for to make level up and starts news tasks in the games. You can utilize vvater from the well and other resources and many more coming soon in the games FarmVille 2 Collect a Free Water vvao ! Farmville 2 Get Free Gifts from the below images and don’t forget to..

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