We have found new water gift in the game setting. This is 5 free water bonus for you. Before claiming these gift first check your inventory. You need to make some free space to collect these gift. We share becouse we care so do share this post with your friends. How to claim? Simply click on below image. Like Share & Comment! After claiming please consider sharing this news with your friends

Craft caroling supplies! Invite your friends to join you on the ride! Win an exclusive Baby Smoke Nigora Goat! Take your friends on a caroling carriage ride around FarmVille 2! Tip: Each caroling ride is more rewarding than the last! Host 5 caroling rides and win rewards! You’ll need a Music Stand to hold songbooks for the caroling ride! Have a Music Stand on your farm and host cheer-filled caroling carriage rides around FarmVille 2!

Collects Gifts and win exclusive prizes! Wrap enough gifts to win a Baby White Fell Horse! Last chance to craft Gifts! Last chance to craft Gifts and win a Baby White Fell Horse! Use better recipes to earn the most Gifts! Exclusive prizes to be won each week!

Exciting new crops, trees, recipes and the Level 4 Barn Upgrade now available in FarmVille 2!

Get Free Black Pepper for Farmville 2 don’t know vvhy Zynga has made black pepper a requirement in so many projects yet you can’t get it so vve bring free large quantity of of black pepper only for farmville 2 players. let share the post and get it free. A pepper plant vvould be an amazing addition. Click here to get free Pepper

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