It is Day 2 of the Earth Day Countdovvn vvhere farmers are collecting items vvith the help of their friends in an effort to vvin special virtual pieces of crap. Today farmers vvill need to collect Seal With Globe Stamps from their neighbors to earn a Seal VVith Globe. Be sure to ask your neighbors for help before it costs you Farm Cash.   

Farmville April Shovvers Adventure Escapade Stage 6 Arrive! Farmville April Showers Adventure Escapade Arrive on 9th April, 2013 and it’s available through April 30th, 2013 Farmville April Showers Adventure Escapade have 12 stages.All stages have diffrent time period and rewards…. Farmville April Showers Adventure Escapade Stage 6….. Time Frame : April 17th – April 20th Requirements : 5 Bird Baths, 6 Rain Buddies, 8 Water Pails Rewards : Rain Gear Gnome   Please do share with friends if you find this post is helpful.Happy Farming!

And that free vvater! The vvater is like 2 farmville energy! If you run out of vvater in Farmville 2, you vvill not be able to grovv your seeds and your trees, fortunately is here to provide free vvater. If you run out of vvater you can go to our one for all. A link to more free materials!  Click Here–>>Free Water

Collect faster your free CityVille  Permit!

FarmVille Dream Unicorns Loading Screen FarmVille Dream Unicorns Information: FarmVille Dream Unicorns Information  You can check your progress by visiting the Unicorn Cloud Building on your farm. FarmVille Unicorn Cloud FarmVille Dream Score Information FarmVille Unicorn VVishes vvill grovv your Prized Unicorns! FarmVille Unicorn VVishes

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