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Criminal Case: FREE COINS

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✦ FREE COINS ✦ Saving up for Boosters or Avatar Items? Let us help you with these FREE 3,000 Coins!

Farmville 2 has just released a little surprise to it’s players by giving away FREE 1 Favor 10 Pack. This will surely help a lot of players especially who has just been starting or currently at low level. Favors are used in Farmville 2 in purchasing upgrades etc. To claim simply click the FREE Favors Image. After claiming please consider sharing this news with your friends. Click & Free Favor

Criminal Case: FREE ENERGY

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✦ FREE ENERGY ✦ Try to beat your friends’ scores with these +5 FREE Energy Points!

✦ WHEEL OF FORTUNE ✦ Who doesn’t like FREE goodies? Give the wheel a spin and let us know what you’ve won!

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