Hi Farmers I hope you are enjoying your weekend by playing Farmville 2. Here is our gifts of the day for Tuesday 13 th January 2015 for Farmers of FarmVille 2. click here to collect it. do share it with other farmer also on Facebook.

Its Sunday 28th December 2015 when I am publishing this post. Today Farmville 2 has announced to give a really huge reward for its farmers. its 100000 free coins for the all the farmers. you can use these coins in games. click here to get.

Get Free 5 Black Pepper for Farmville 2 don’t know vvhy Zynga has made black pepper a requirement in so many projects yet you can’t get it so vve bring free large quantity of of black pepper only for farmville 2 players. let share the post and get it free. A pepper plant vvould be an amazing addition. Click here to get free 5 Pepper

Howdy Farmers, today we have for you fished out some useful links that you can be very helpful in obtaining the materials for the daily work on the farm. The respective materials are listed below. Behind every material-image we have placed a link which leads you directly to the materials. So just click on the Farm Antique graphic at the bottom and already you come directly to the respective materials from the Wall-collector database. Have fun!    

FarmVille 2: Free Water

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Free Water for Farmville 2. The water is a very important element and you will need it to complete your missions, so we will give you free water points for FarmVille 2 on facebook. To get this gift should take the following steps Clicking on the images below: A window like the following will appear informing us that we won free water on FarmVille 2 Then we go to FarmVille 2 and we can see that it have added..

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