Collects Gifts and win exclusive prizes! Wrap enough gifts to win a Baby White Fell Horse! Last chance to craft Gifts! Last chance to craft Gifts and win a Baby White Fell Horse! Use better recipes to earn the most Gifts! Exclusive prizes to be won each week!

Exciting new crops, trees, recipes and the Level 4 Barn Upgrade now available in FarmVille 2!

Get Free Black Pepper for Farmville 2 don’t know vvhy Zynga has made black pepper a requirement in so many projects yet you can’t get it so vve bring free large quantity of of black pepper only for farmville 2 players. let share the post and get it free. A pepper plant vvould be an amazing addition. Click here to get free Pepper

Farmville 2: Holiday Festival!

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Every County Fair Point is worth a Holiday Point! Earn bonus points from Holiday crops, trees and animals! Get extra points when you Activate Snow! Are you ready {user}? For What? The Holiday Festival! The What? An exciting holiday event with great prizes! Prizes? Like this Reindeer, and a tree with real presents! Start earning Holiday Points to win those nifty rewards! Wow, you sure did a great job celebrating the holidays! This Holiday Tree drops a new present..

Howdy Farmers! The Stage 1 of the Fall Harvest Feast event has ended and congratulations to those who have participated and have won the rewards. Now, we are receiving a few reports that some of you are looking for the Angora Cat. To claim your revvard, you need to have the Cat Cabin for your Angora Cat to have a place to stay. If you don’t have the Cabin, you can easily have one for only 200 coins. Just..

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