FarmVille 2: FREE Black Pepper

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Howdy Farmers! We’d like to hear your thoughts about the “Wonderful Winter Sale” feature! Share with us your experience! Click below to share this post and get FREE Black Pepper (x2)! You can accept 30 gifts this is the limit from the farmville 2.Before claiming this gift first check your inventory space!

Farmville 2 has just released a little surprise to it’s players by giving away FREE daily bonus rewards. This will surely help a lot of players especially who has just been starting or currently at low level. FREE GIFT | FREE GIFT | FREE GIFT Bonus are used in Farmville 2 in purchasing upgrades etc. To claim simply click the FREE daily bonus rewards Image. After claiming please consider sharing this news with your friends.

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Collect Your free 10 water FarmVille 2 now to grow your crops and trees to produce more crops and fruits to get more resources. Use your Kitchen to make recipes, craft shop for goods and Dairy Market to produce yogurt in FarmVille 2. Water is like energy for your farm without water you cannot grow your crops. So we are sharing free water with you to help you in your farm as well as in social network Facebook and..

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